7 self-written personal favourite quotes!

Besides the posts that I write on this blog, Sometimes I also end up wriying some 1-2 liners on facebook or in my personal journal.

So, here is a list of my seven personal favourite quotes among them, in random oredr:

1. The day you kill the kid in you, you kill the spark in you.

2. And the pain that destroyed her, also gave her the most beautiful combination of words.

3. Behind every good girl gone bad, lies an untold story of a painful betrayal by a heartless Casanova.

4. You, yes you, are painfully attractive, sinfully appealing & soulfully special.

5. No love story is as strong as the one between an artist and his/her muse.

6. Constant hypocrisy destroyed her, in possibly the most sinfully beautiful way. And the world slammed her for being a Rebel!

7. In the name of sex, love or relationships, what we usually seek is that one person, who would destroy us completely, in possibly the most beautifully sinful manner.


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