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25 lessons learnt while being 25!

- You can turn around anything, as long as you are alive.

- Whatever Happens, happens for a reason. There are no co-incidences in life, there is only synchronicity. Ever heard, "When the student is ready, the teacher appears"? Yes, that synchronicity.

- Stressing and overthinking serves no purpose! Yes, I AM saying this.

- No matter how terrible things get, there will always be some people, who will believe in you, and will be kind to you, even when you are a mess. Hold on to them. (I am fortunate enough to have a couple of these people in my life. And would be forever indebted for their support during last 6-8 months. Thank you. You all know who you are :-) )

- Having gratitude makes it easy to deal with all the crap life throws at you!

- It takes courage to be authentic. Faking to fit-in is easy, but to delve deeper into your own soul, embrace yourself for who you are and be okay with it, requires courage.

- Siblings are a blessing!

- Self Care is not selfish.

- Self-love is probably the most difficult form of love to practice.

- Being happy, takes courage.

- Everything will eventually be okay.

- No matter how low you feel at the moment, hang on and keep the hope alive, you will soon feel better.

- Just when you think that since you've survived extremely difficult times, you can survive anything, because it can't get any tougher, life will surprise you new lows!

- Marriage will always be an over-rated concept in India :p

- Every person, especially every difficult person, has a story. They are the way they are for a reason, that we may never be able to fathom.

- Nobody, absolutely nobody owes you anything. If people are nice to you, great. If not, its okay, because you ain't entitled to anything. So, learn to value the kind souls.

- Life never said its fair! So stop being naive :)

- Karma works! It really does!

- Junk food will always be yum! :D

- Love and sex can be mutually exclusive of each other.

- Happiness is - meeting old friends after years, and feeling like nothing has changed!

- Adversity is the mother of personal strength and growth.

- Authenticity, although not trendy, is classic.

-Being okay with your flaws and embracing them is a big pre-requisite for being authentic, genuine and confident.

- You may hate them, disagree with them, or even fight with them, but no one, absolutely no can think for you as selflessly, as your parents. They may say stuff that's unreasonable, but the "intention" behind it, the "heart" behind it.....thats the treasure
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