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Healing Myths Series - Myth 1:Time Heals Everything

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One Last Time.....And Once Again!

One last time,
She entered that space;
Filled with memories,
of fun, learning & craze!

Her heart tore a bit,
as she realised it was her last day here;
On the face beaming with a smile,
Her eyes secretly shed a tear!

Once again,
She had let the black hole rob her of something precious;
Once again,
She had let the black hole make her anxious!

Once again,
It was time to be grateful for the experience;
Once again,
It was time to enter into a new realm of existence!

Once again,
It was time to start all over again;
Once again,
It was time to fight, and win over the pain!

25 lessons learnt while being 25!

- You can turn around anything, as long as you are alive.
- Whatever Happens, happens for a reason. There are no co-incidences in life, there is only synchronicity. Ever heard, "When the student is ready, the teacher appears"? Yes, that synchronicity.
- Stressing and overthinking serves no purpose! Yes, I AM saying this.
- No matter how terrible things get, there will always be some people, who will believe in you, and will be kind to you, even when you are a mess. Hold on to them. (I am fortunate enough to have a couple of these people in my life. And would be forever indebted for their support during last 6-8 months. Thank you. You all know who you are :-) )
- Having gratitude makes it easy to deal with all the crap life throws at you!
- It takes courage to be authentic. Faking to fit-in is easy, but to delve deeper into your own soul, embrace yourself for who you are and be okay with it, requires courage.
- Siblings are a blessing!
- Self Care is not selfish.
- Self-love…

The loud silence

Anxious and excited in equal measures, Natasha entered her favorite rooftop restaurant, overlooking powai lake. Her anxious eyes were searching for him; when they suddenly stopped at this handsome man sitting on a corner table. It was him.

He was an extrovert, and she was a loner. He would have wanted to sit right in the center of the space, but for her, he choose the corner table, and that meant a world to her!

She walked upto him, and what followed was a brief, and awkward small talk, which was enough to make her more anxious. But Rohan knew better. Within minutes, he ensured that the air of awkwardness transformed into that of seamless comfort; the comfort that they once used to share.

Both had developed an instant liking for each other when they had met for the first time, at Kanika - a common friend's wedding, three years back. The meeting seamlessly culminated into an extremely brief but comfortable phase of intimacy, which didn't last long.

And months later, here they…

My thoughts on Ravinder Singh's new book, "This love that feels right", Open marriages and love outside marriage

This love that feels right, based on the concept, “you can control someone’s actions, not their mind”, is a thought provoking take on open marriages and emotional bonds outside marriage.
The book beautifully explores how an emotional void in a relationship can lead to a man or a woman seeking companionship outside marriage, and no, they are not wrong. At the end of the day, we are all human beings, and crave to be deeply understood, valued, and respected by our partner. But when these basic human needs are not satisfied, a man or a woman tends to become more vulnerable to share their innermost feelings with someone who understands, values and respects them. Emotional void is as good as suffocation, and who enjoys that?

Of course! Every marriage goes through its ups and downs. You cannot give up on someone you love, just because you had a fight/difference of opinion. Of course not. But what when someone takes the efforts to make things work, but their partner is still indifferent to t…


Looking at her reflection, she relived him, in spite of the distance!

His words, loud and clear;
His passion, evident in his eyes;
His obsession, manifested in his grip!

"He" consumed her with all of it, and left the scars behind!

He, an abuser.
He, a wife-beater.
He, A misogynist.

The Final Choice

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As she raised her head, she could see the mirror image of a vulnerable face and blood red eyes with tears flowing down the cheeks uncontrollably.
Six months ago, she had decided to break up with him, thereby ending the most special bond of her heart. In the span of these six months, there was not a single day, literally not even a single day, when he did not cross her mind. No matter how busy she was or how hectic her schedule was or how upset she was; he was always there, in the back of her head, and shutting her mind to other thoughts and focusing on him was like a bitter-sweet homecoming. Days were still easier to pass but the nights were difficult. There were times when she cried herself to sleep and there were times when his memories left her smiling. There were times when his thoughts were painf…