In pursuit of Dreams!

On October 19, 2014, I announced my debut Novella titled. "Because Love goes Beyond Togetherness" and the encouraging messages haven't stopped since then.

Because Love goes beyond togetherness is a collection of Short stories, articles and poetry describing the intricacies of Love, exploring various traditional human emotions and how they affect love and relationships in the 21st century! (some short stories, articles and poetry are from this blog and some written exclusively for the book)

Indeed, it is a dream come true. It was 7 years ago that i first dreamt of writing a book, and now, it is soon going to be a reality. And this journey of 7 years taught me an important lesson:

 "Dreams don't come true, you MAKE them come true"

I first dreamt of writing my own book in 2007. After a good wait of 7 years, I am about to turn this into reality.

So, what kept me waiting for so long? the answers to simple questions like, is my story good enough? Will people buy my book? Will I become a successful author? What if I fail? What if people laugh at me? and a lot more.....

And in the course of time, I realized that these questions don't really have a concrete answer. They are always going to be there. Even today, what I am writing is not conventional for a first time author, so I don't know if people will like my book. I don't know if my book will sell. I don't know how good/bad my writing will be and I don't know if I will ever be a successful author.

But I do know that inspite of so many ifs and buts, in past 7 years, writing never left my mind. I do know that even today, writing is what that liberates me. And I have finally come to a realization that this is what my calling is and this is what my passion is. This is what that gives me satisfaction, and hence, in spite of all the ifs and buts, it deserves a chance. So, here I am, armed with a little courage, lots of hope and immense belief in the beauty of my dreams, taking baby steps towards it, because dreams don't dome true, you make them come true!

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