The second Choice!

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Her phone rang and her smile instantly reached her eyes. It was him. They had dated for 3 years until they broke up a month ago. As discussed, they were "very" good friends but she still loved him, "unconditionally". This was the first time he had called since the break up. Smiling, she picked up the phone.

They spoke to each other, just like close friends do. And he shared with her about the fond feelings he had developed for this lady by the name of "Nisha". But his confusion and yet prevailing attraction for her was evident too. Knowing him to his depths, she understood that his feelings and confusions about her were a mere attraction, while his feelings for Nisha were nothing less than love.

Owing to his confusion, he gave her several chances for a possible patch up that evening. She too wanted this patch up, bad enough! Yet, for reasons unknown even to her at that point, she could not grab them. The man she loved was in love with someone else and she realized it even before he could.  Even before she could realize, she found herself making efforts to make him realize Nisha’s value in his life. She was dying for his attention, yet she couldn't stop herself from making him understand that it was Nisha who deserved his time and attention. She had no idea as to why, even after having a strong yearning for him, what made her do this.

Yes, she was in pain, immense pain. But she had no regrets. Next day, he texted her that he has realized that he loves Nisha and that she had made him realize this. Tears filled her eyes. She could feel a lump in her throat and broke into silent screams. Yet, she couldn't stop herself from encouraging and congratulating him for his new relationship. Her eyes had tears, yet her smile reached those eyes. A part of her was in immense pain and longing, yet another part of her was genuinely happy because the man she loved had found love.

For his happiness, she could smile through the pain and see her biggest fear come true. She'd let go of him, but she could not let go of love. Although he made an exit from her life, she was at peace and was genuinely happy at being by his side and making him realize his love. Maybe that strange peace was nothing but the strength of her love and her belief, in the “labour of love”.

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