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He was 26, She was 22. He was an IT guy, she was a management student. They had known each others for past three years and had been very close since then. "Hurting her" was even beyond  the last thing he could ever imagine and her faith in him was unflinching, she could stand against the entire world for the faith that she had in him. But, they were not in a relationship. He loved her as a friend and she was in love with him! Yet, the care,trust and understanding that they shared as friends was unaffected. There was a time, when he was in a different city for almost 8 months, but even the distance could not dilute the beauty of their bond.

Their friendship wasn't a bed of roses. They had their own share of fights,misunderstanding and disappointments, but nevertheless, their mutual understanding emerged victorious each time.

Then, life Happened. He was going through tough times, managing a lot of things, all alone, at the same time. He had his own struggles to face, his own deadlines to meet and his own frustrations and pressures to cope up with. Slowly, he became too occupied in these testing times. At times, he didn't even had time for her.

She still choose to stand by him. No, they were still not into a relationship, but she did not had the heart to give up on the guy she loves, especially when he was going through the rough phase of life.

But slowly, he started taking all this understanding and patience for granted. She still tried to hold on, understanding that he was not doing it intentionally. It wasn't about her, it was about his own fight with his own life and that he just needs time.

But with time, things worsened. He became more and more dominated by moods. He spoke to her at his own will and mood. Some mornings they would talk as if all is going great, while many times, he wouldn't even bother about her the same evening! At times, they used to have awesome conversations, but sending him an interesting youtube link the same evening or the next day meant inviting a facebook block!

Things reached the level of her self-respect and self-worth. The choice was clear, but it was difficult because she knew he wasn't behaving that way intentionally. It was a result of his own personal struggle and that he genuinely was not understanding how he was treating her and how it made her feel. She still chose to hold on.

But then, when the "taken for granted" scenario exceeded her self respect, she had to give in and make a CHOICE.

She knew that he was genuine, that he could never even think of hurting her and that the way he was behaving was not by choice or intention, but a result of situations around him, which is just a matter of time. She knew it all, yet she chose to increase the distances between them. She did so by telling him that she has given up on him and that she is in a relationship with someone else. Although, she was not.

Yes, she lied to him, but what else could she have done? She did not want to take the risk of making him feel bad by telling the truth, especially, since his intentions were not wrong. Also, if she would have told the truth, maybe, he would have tried to stop her, but this time she knew she cannot. Even if he wouldn't have tried, maybe a few days/weeks later, she might have had second thoughts about giving up on the guy she loves in his tough times. Of course, she was not in a relationship with him, but then, it was her love, not his. She was the one to hold on to it, saying that its her love and she will stand by it, without expecting, no matter he feels for her or not.

She did not had the heart to tell the truth, because for her, it was a choice between her self respect and the faith for which she had stood against almost everyone who knew what she shared with him. It was as it is difficult for her, she didn't want to complicate it even more.

Of course, she knows that to an extent she ran away from the situations, she was being inconsiderate, insensitive, manipulative and weak. More than anything, a part of her was guilty for leaving his side in such not so good hours, but at that point, none of it seemed to matter. Absolutely none of it.

Before things could deteriorate even more, she made a CHOICE. She chose to maintain the dignity of the bond they shared and decreased the closeness between them. She chose her self-respect, the dignity of their bond and hence, increased the distances between them, stopped fighting for his attention, stopped making efforts to make him smile and no matter how much cared, stopped showing that she did.

As she told him and as it looks from outside, it was clearly seen that she gave up on him, but in reality, she just increased distances before any negativity could find its place between them.

It wasn't giving up, it was just taking a step back.
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