Being a reflective writer, no idiot's job!

Many readers, critics and even authors have time and again argued the every work of fictional writing has inspirations in the very non fictional world that surrounds the author. Being someone who enjoys writing, I couldn't agree more. I am no one to speak for anyone else, but when it comes to what I write, yes, It is, almost every time, the result of inspiration that I draw from my own life, either by observing people around me or by my personal experiences or my introspective mind, but yes, all my works are a reflection of my own life and its learnings. Precisely why I say that I am a REFLECTIVE writer.

I have developed a new found respect for all those writers whose principle source of inspiration is their own life, their experiences and people around them. It is indeed not easy to be a reflective writer. You have to TELL ALL without telling it all! You can actually understand and get to know a lot about a person by their literary style and work. Its like, you stand up on a table, in a crowded room and throw yourself open to judgments, hypocrisy, moral criticism etc. But u still have to walk out of that room as if nothing ever happened!

You, although indirectly, make your life public, share your experiences and learnings out of them, without even knowing how many would understand your perception. Being a reflective writer, you are introspective and tend to look at things, and world at large, through a magnanimous mind and an open heart that ain't afraid to fall down, has courage to get up each time and embodies compassion that treats every being equal. All this gives you an altogether different persona and the way you look at life is different from that of the herd mentality. So you really don't know how many of your readers will agree with your viewpoint and how many will judge you through the eyes of narrow vision. For some, your work becomes the silver lining in dark clouds, while for others, you become a threat for culture/heritage etc.

But you still go ahead, because you know that you look at every being with the eyes of compassion and you understand that everyone is entitled to their opinion. In spite of being judged with hypocrite comments, you chose to look at people who motivate you to work hard and you draw strengths from them.

Indeed, being a writer, who wants to reflect the society, ain't really that easy :)


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