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Gratitude to my readers

This post is a gratitude to all those people who took their time out to read my blog. I am truly thankful to you. When I started blogging in October 2012, I wasn't even sure if anyone would read my content! But today, with all the love and appreciation that you guys have given me, I feel blessed. It feels great when you comment and appreciate my work, when you inbox me and say that you like my writing style or when I fail to update my blog for long, you ask me as to when am I posting next? Believe me people, its really encouraging. And for someone like me, who took up blogging just a few months ago, there can be no greater motivation than my readers coming up to me and saying and they liked my spite of the fact that I am an armature writer, that my contents are lengthy and a lot of other flaws. When you say that you can "connect" to what I have written, I truly feel satisfied. Thank you so much.

I am still an armature writer. Far from being good. I started this blog to get over some personal issues. There were times I felt drained. I just wanted to throw up everything that was running in my mind. I wanted to speak about every single emotion that I was going through, but I did not know how? Then, I took up writing, I wrote about every emotion that I experienced, analysed their relevance, logic, pros and cons. And a lot more. All this brought me to the discovery of complexities of Human emotions, which are not really that complex! I could somehow manage to describe various emotions that I had felt in a single moment, with immense honesty, practicality and sentiments. All this, just to make myself light and then when you all liked my posts and said that you too can "connect" to them, I had this urge of writing more. Through you all, I have discovered a lot about me. A side of me that I never knew existed!

And all this is what that brings me here today, to dedicate a post to all of you :) Thank you so much dear readers :)

Stay blessed,
Spread compassion,



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Dear readers,
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