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I will survive!

It will be tuff,
It will pain,
My heart will ache...
But I will survive...!

Mornings will be dark,
Nights even darker...
No one by my side...
But I will survive...!

Life won't interest me anymore,
I will feel like giving up.
It will seem like an end,
Bit I still, Will, Survive...!

I know emotions cannot be forced,
but you will remain unconvinced of my intentions.
This will break my heart into a million pieces,
But...I will, Still...Survive...!

My silent soul will long for you,
You will forever be a part of me.
Your memories will haunt me day and night,
But no matter what, I will survive...!

Your touch will not be there anymore,
Your smile won't be there to make me smile,
Your warm arms will not be there to pacify me,
But...still...alone.....I will survive.

I will fall,
I will be knocked down,
I won't feel like getting up,
But sooner or later....I Will.

It will hurt,
But I will stand.
It will pain,
But I will walk.
It will kill,
But I will.....Survive.
Because I know...


  1. Very very very determined lines there... loved the poetry :) Reminded me of the famous poem "Invictus" from where I derive my survival power... Bookmarked this poem to read alongwith that one... Amazing talent

    1. Thank you so so so so very much, its really encouraging :)


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