Behind every different girl!

Alright, so...she is that no non-sense, head held high but down to earth, ever-smiling, one with a kind heart, sweet and polite girl...the one different from others, who is always professional, keeps her commitments, is extremely forgiving and understanding....and oh...not to forget, the one who seems perfect???

Well, maybe she is...but at a very high price! A price not easy to pay....a price, only she knows how she pays.

Just because she ain't interested in the table gossips, people say that she has attitude problems. All kinds of rumors do around about her, with absolutely no truth, people who she held on with have hurt her too mercilessly, she has been misunderstood by people who she thought understand her the most, almost everyone she trusted has let her down at some point or the other......But still....she struts with confidence....her head held high as if whats happening around her doesn't bother her at all....although, in reality, she wants to break down in to million pieces, she is badly hurt! But she still remains the same understanding, sweet, forgiving and polite person......The girl strives almost daily to maintain her compassion in the pool of negativity around her.

Yes, to survive life, it is necessary to do what she does...but in her journey, she pays a very high price of being presumed to be perfect!

Being presumed as perfect ain't a compliment for her....rather its a price for her being different. The perfect girl, is expected to be perfect all the time. Owing to this expectation,  her flaws are never given their due understanding. Once she makes a mistake, her flaws are all of a sudden blown out of proportion under the pretext, "this wasn't expected from you".....hello.....good morning...whats wrong? Let me remind you that she is human at the end of the day, not a programmed machine. Just like anybody else, she too is vulnerable to making mistakes and not understanding situations at time. Its absolutely normal and there is nothing wrong in it. There is no reason why she has to be perfect all the time. There is no reason why every time she has to be the person to remain calm and understanding in complex situations.

You presumed her to be perfect because she was different....but did you complain for the fact that she is different? No, right? Instead, you admired her for that... so now, stop complaining when she falters...instead try to understand her. She is a human too.....her positive qualities were a little more than generally expected, that is why people termed her ain't it obvious that her flaws will also be a little more than expected? After all, merits and demerits are two sides of the same coin.

Of course, she is someone who knows that she can get through anything and everything. She knows that people are going to judge her, misconcept her, rate her, rebuke her, push her........she also knows that she will fall at times....and she will fall hard....but she is also sure than each time, she will get up, stronger than before and will stand back. She knows that misfortunes and problems are a part of life and that she is strong enough to get through anything and everything that comes her way. She also has faith that in every journey that tests her metalle, she will come out victoriously and the journey will make her stronger than ever before.......but still, at times, she too needs people to hold her hand and say, "Relax, its going to be alright :)"

She completely understands that life is not black or white. She understand that life is all about grey situations.....that life has shades....but then, at times, when she falters, she needs others to understand this as well. At times, she too wishes to hear, "I understand!"

She is different, not because she is perfect....but because she is REAL! And the reality of life, of nature, of existence is IMPERFECTION, Faltering, learning, growing.......That is what is her reality too....and just like her, its the reality of every living being. So, let us just stop binding her with the expectations of being perfect all the time....assuming things about her, judging her, binding her in prejudices....she is a REAL human, not a programmed machine, fake personality....and hence, different, lets accept this about her.

Above all, she is different, because she has a kid in her, a kid that is dying to fly....breaking the shackles of societal pressures and expectations that bound her for being just a girl......a kid, that doesn't want to fake or conceal...a kid, that just wants to stay real and enjoy the journey called "Life". And that is what that makes her different....her IMPERFECTIONS!


  1. Nicely written Rupali.....truth in lucidity!!

  2. Hi Rupali,
    This is a great post--love the idea behind it.
    Why is perfection demanded only from females?
    So that we pardon their sins & transgressions?


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