Half-granted apologies

Forgiveness is half-granted,
but the deed ain't forgotten.
Guilt and regret re-enter my soul,
along with memories that are rotten.

Things are now out of my control,
Over my present, past is proving might.
With true regret & apologies,
my mind feels heavy day & night.

Ungranted apologies haunt me,
I truly did not intend any harm.
Damaged faith stands in front of me,
I wish our bond was still that warm.

I miss your hope-filled words,
your smile is my incandescent light.
My faith in out friendship still hopes that,
someday you forgive me completely for past's plight.

I promise to make every required effort,
I pledge to differentiate myself from the crowd.
Each and every day I'll win on my own self,
I am determined to make you proud.